Your Questions Answered

Where do I begin?  

initial contact 

If you are curious to learn more and are interested in working with me, please don't hesitate to reach out by submitting the form on the Scheduling page. I will message you back shortly with times I am available to coordinate a complimentary consultation call.

Free consultation call

Once we have determined a good time to talk by phone, I will want to know what it is that you are hoping I can help you with. In addition, I will provide answers to any questions you may have about my practice and approach to therapy. From here, we will determine if we are a good match. If we believe it to be a good fit, a first session will be scheduled.

Intake forms and practice policies

Once we have scheduled a first meeting, I will e-mail you an invitation to the secure client portal* to fill out and complete intake forms and review my practice policies. Having this complete prior to our first appointment ensures that we can get started upon your arrival.

* I utilize a HIPAA compliant, electronic record keeping service to store all client related information.

First appointment

My office is located in The Sharon Building at 55 New Montgomery Street in the Financial District. Please see the Location page for more. Once you arrive at the Sharon Building, you will take the elevator to the 3rd floor. If you arrive early, please make yourself comfortable in the waiting room located on the Mezzanine Level until our scheduled time. 

The first session will mostly be used to determine if it feels like a good fit. Finding the right match is about connecting with a therapist with whom you feel safe and at ease. The first session is also an initial assessment, therefore I will be asking questions to learn about you, your history, and what it is you want to focus on. This information will help guide me in a considering a plan and direction for therapy.

Follow up Appointments

At the end of our first meeting, I will check in with you about how the appointment felt and if you are interested in making another appointment. We will then go ahead and schedule a next appointment. During the appointments to follow, we will dig deeper and explore the initial concerns that brought you in and move towards increased self-knowledge and understanding.