Sex Therapy

What is sex therapy? Put simply, it is therapy that specifically focuses on addressing sexual concerns. My approach includes obtaining a thorough history of the concern you wish to address, exploring this history together to better understand the origins, examining how you are currently impacted, and then working together to identify solutions and move toward your goals. 

Some people seek individual sex therapy and others may find it more helpful to include their partner(s) in the therapy.  I use my experience, knowledge, sensitivity, commitment to confidentiality, and non-judgmental, supportive attitude to create a safe space to talk about sex.

Some common concerns addressed in sex therapy include decreased sexual desire or pleasure, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, delayed or premature ejaculation, difficulty reaching orgasm, and desires to cultivate a greater sexual self-confidence.  Sex therapy can also be helpful when it comes to working through past sexual trauma.

Additionally, sex therapy may be utilized if you and your partner(s) are looking to spice up your sex life, are feeling disconnected during sex, have mismatched sex drives, or are needing extra support navigating non-monogamy or poly. Some folks seek sex therapy due to difficulty expressing or feeling comfortable with a sexual desire, fantasy, fetish, or kink. 

I welcome working with folks of all sexual orientations and gender identities to understand specific concerns, clarify goals, work toward solutions, and increase sexual wellness and satisfaction.