Poly Affirmative Counseling

For many people, poly is more than a chosen relationship structure - it is an identity. As your therapist, I do not assume that your identity or relationship structure is the source of your concerns. While polyamory and ethical nonmonogamy can provide satisfying relationships and rich opportunities for personal growth, it may also bring it’s own unique set of challenges. With personal and professional experience, I can help you navigate through arising concerns. I specialize in assisting with the following:

  • Assisting monogamous couples in deciding whether or not opening up is right for them

  • Working with individuals and partners decide what form of consensual non-monogamy is the best fit (monogamish, swinging, open, poly, relationship anarchy, etc.)

  • Helping individuals and partners identify and communicate their boundaries

  • Guiding partners in navigating and naming relationship agreements

  • Supporting polyamorous individuals considering "coming out" to family, etc.

Common topics addressed:

  • Creating Sustainable Polyamory and Consensual Nonmonogamy

  • Jealousy Management

  • Improving Communication

  • Time Management

  • Cultural Differences & Power Dynamics

  • Infidelity and Broken Trust